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March 29, 2017


Selena Peni

Hi, Mr. R!Its been 7 yrs since you've heard from me and you probably dont remember me, but it's all goods.Anyways it looks like your students are pretty amazing. Have you heard from any of your 2009 G5x students like Duncan, Levi, Brian, Tonya or Meena?I really miss the states, but I'm also loving the islands (except for the fact that I'm getting darker.)I also miss our class. I never got to get in touch with anyone when I moved here to Samoa. I don't even think youll get this and even if you do I might never get your reply (IF, you reply). Well, I hope your having a great time with your pupils and I'm sorry if I'm fobbing out, I've started to ever since I came. well that's all from me Mr.Regula sending my regards all the way from the beautiful (yet dying) islands!!!

Mr. Regala

Hi Selena!!!! Of course I remember you!! I still have the hammer you gave me when you left Stevenson... I lost touch with many of the G5x... I saw Meena a few years ago... How's life on the Islands?? How are you? I hope you are doing well! I remember you having a positive outlook on things and a sense of humor!

I hope you get this reply... :)

G5 leads the way!

Selena Peni

Wow!You do? I thought you lost it, in fact I forgot all about the hammer.I've been really good, actually I've made alot of personal progress here.I guess leaving the states wasnt a bad thing after all.School has been hard but I've survived middle school and I'm in my junior year in High school.Here in the islands its really tough trying to learn a new culture and language. There are tons of chores and my hands would be the proof of that!To tell the truth Im still struggling up till now with school, family and life, but Im not letting it pull me down, so Im holding my head up high and Im proving to the world that Im a ROOCI. I can Rise Over Occomposition Conquering the Impossible. Peace out!

Selena Peni

Oh! By the ways thanks for replying! Getting this made my day alot better!and thanks for remembering me, I didnt think anyone would.

Mr. Regala

Here's a little memory for you... http://regalaphotography.com/p884229966/h1ea8977b#h1ea8977b

selena peni

Hi Mr.R, sorry i didnt reply sooner but thanks alot for the pics.Gotta go lunch just finished.L.O.L

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