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July 06, 2013


Ronnie (Ro-ro) Styles- I LOVE HARRY McBOO-BOO

The gum wall in Seattle! I have been there! Looks like fun!

Abby Horan

GUM WALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Abby Horan

the Gum Wall in Seattle, at the Pike Place MArket!!!!!

Ronnie (Ro-ro) Styles- I LOVE HARRY McBOO-BOO

Yay! I win!

Abby Horan Mahone

Hey!!!!! I guessed the same thing that u did!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahaha!!!!! We both win RORO!!!!!!!!!

Mr. Regala

You both win!!!! Hey Abby, who is Mahone??

Sadie Tomlinson (I love  Louis)

Mahone is the last name of Austin Mahone, this new pop star. Abby saw him. She loves him soooo much.But he is nothing compared to NIALL HORAN. I think Austin Mahone is ok...not that good though.....go on YouTube and listen to one of his songs.


I dont like him.... He looks like JB to me! And Sadie, she likes Austin JUST AS MUCH, if anything MORE, than Niall Horan... Dun dun duuuun

Abby Horan Mahone


Abby Horan Mahone

Thanks Sadie.... But yeah... Mr.Regala, i got to see him when i went to a mini concert of his.. He is amazing!!!! I luv him!!! But i still LOVE Niall Horan!!!!!!!! Heheheehehe

Mr. Regala


Abby Horan Mahone

Haha!!!! Yep!!!!! @Mr.Regala

Ronnie (Ro-ro) Styles- I LOVE HARRY McBOO-BOO

So, what are you up to Mr. Regala! I feel like its been years since I've seen you!

Mr. Regala

Yo, Ro... you know, I'm just chillin at Summer School teaching the youth of our community... :) I have 26 eager beavers ready to learn! How about you? What have you been up to? Dancing? REading? Hanging out with your BFF's?



Sounds like some fun and yum!


Hi Mr. Regala :)

Abby Horan

HI MR.REGALA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope that your summer has been alot of fun!!!!!! I (we) miss u sooooo much!!!!!!! I totally agree with Ro, it seems like i havnt seen u in yyyyeeeeaaaarrrrssss...... Well i hope u are having a great summer and i miss u!!!!

Mr. Regala

Hi Kelsey! Hi Shavi! Hi Abby! Summer is going swell... :) I'm normally at summer school but I'm taking a little break... Mr. Cordell is subbing for me so I can take the family to the ocean! It's really fun and relaxing.


Cool! Have fun!

Mr. Regala

Thanks Ronnie!

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