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November 30, 2011



Today I read Castaways of the Flying Dutchman.This is a very interesting book about a boy named Neb and his dog,Den. Neb found Den on a ship called the Flying Dutchman. One day, this ship got cursed to sail the seven seas forever by the Lord. Luckily, Neb and Den escaped. They were found by a kind and old shepard named Luke. Now, Luke is dead and Neb and Den journey on. Read this interesting book to find out more!!!




tonight I finished a book called Warriors Fire And Ice. In what I read, Fireheart continues to worry about Graystripe going to meet Silverstream because he knows that Graystripes loyalty to Thunderclan cannot waver. Graystripe thinks that Fireheart doesn't trust him and turns his back on Fireheart. But when Thunderclan go to battle against Riverclan and Shadowclan, he pins Silverstream down and almost bites her, but then he realized he and Graystripe will not be friends ever again if he hurt her. But he shows no mercy on other Riverclan cats. Also, Tigerclaw does not help Fireheart fight Leapardfur when she is attacking Fireheart and Fireheart knows once and for all that he can't trust Tigerclaw and neither can the rest of Thunderclan. That is what I read tonight.


Today, I read The Hunger Games. This book is about a girl named Katniss that was chosen to play in the Hunger Games. The Hunger Games is basically a fight to the death on live T.V. In the section of the book I am reading about, Katniss and the other tribute from District 12, their home, are training for the games. Katniss is trying to have nothing to do with Peeta, the other tribute, because she does not want to become friends with him and then have to kill him. Katniss was not originally chosen for the games; She chose to take her little 12-year-old sister, Prim's place in the Hunger Games. This is what I read today.


Why has no one else except Faizah, Connor, and I posted their responses?


Today I read a book called the Son Of Neptune. Right now Percy Jackson does not know who he is or what happened to him he just knows one person that can come to his mind, Annabeth. Meanwhile he is stuck at a Roman Half Blood Camp named Camp Jupiter and people think he's the son of Neptune. There he sees Nico Di Angelo one of the poeple he befriended. But Percy Dosen't clearly know who he is. That is what I read today for one hour.

Shai Erez

Today I read the book George's cosmic treasure hunt, second in the series George's neighbors have moved to Florida and George gets lonely without them and suddenly gets a surprising email from his friend Annie. It says to go to Florida as fast as you can! George calls his grandma and flies to Florida. You have to read the book to find out the rest! But believe me' it's a interesting book and I recommend it.


Tonight in Eva, I read about the lives of the other chimps Eva knows. Beth lived without her daughter Kelly - the body Eva is living in. Another chimp name Wang was adopted. He had no chimp family. The other chimps have been taken from the jungle to the city. Eva has the urge of a chimp to be in the jungle just like her friends, but she is living in the city. Eva is angry with her family because she cannot go into the jungle like most chimps, but it is for her own protection.
This is what I read tonight.




Hi shai



Mariko has SLYTHERIN PRIDE!!!!!!!!

Today I read: The Thief Lord. Hornet, Riccio and Prosper find out that the Thief Lord, Scipio, was lying about saying that he had no parents. They gang followed him after dark and stayed over night in his backyard. Apparently his mom (mum) was rich and his dad was to. He actually hadnt stolen anything from other people, but from his PARENTS. He was really embarrased and ran back up to his room when the kids showed up at his door later that morning. Worst of all, he and two other people, Prosper, Riccio and an African American named Mosca, where planning to steal a wooden wing that had belonged to a winged lion that was on a carrousel. Legend said that any man could instantly become a boy, or boy to man, for one ride on that carrousel. Will they find the lost carrousel together? Read the book The Thief Lord to find out what happens to Prosper, Scipio, Riccio and Mosca!;)

Mariko has SLYTHERIN PRIDE!!!!!!!!

Wow, my fingers are tied of typing..... Hi Thalia!




This night I read the book "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets".
This book is about a kid named Harry Potter, and he is a wizard that lives with his aunt, uncle and their son, because his parents were murdured by Voldemort, an evil wizard. He goes to the wizarding school Hogwart, and finds a secret passage. he goes into it, and finds Tom Riddle, the wizard that murdered his parents in his past form when he went to the very school. Harry fights an unplesent companion and wins. Then he went for Tom, and stabs a diary which is Tom's life source, and defeats him.
I am re-reading this, and I don't want to spoil it, so you'll have to read it your self if you want to find out!

Mariko has SLYTHERIN PRIDE!!!!!!!!


Mariko has SLYTHERIN PRIDE!!!!!!!!


Mariko loves Christmas!!!

YAY! Tommorow it's December! Heloooooo Christmas tree! :)


Tonight I read the book the Girls Book of Excellence. The book teaches you how to do lots of things. Such as how to make a mini garden on a tray. How to break bad beauty habits. How to play cats cradle and how to make perfect popcorn! the favorite thing I read about today is how to make perfect popcorn. The book gave you good tips on adding spices and toppings. This is the fun book I read tonight!


My goal in life is to visit Vatican City, the smallest country in the world. Sigh.........


Today I read Smells like dog. In smells like dog a boy named homer receives a letter from Mr.snooty. In the letter it says that his dear treasure hunting uncle was eaten by a tortoise! Homer was uncle drakes favorite. Homer loved to read maps and study other artifacts and discover new things. Homer pudding is his full name. They live on the pudding farm. Homer wishes his uncle did not pass away. His sister thinks different...she thinks that the tortoise did not eat him. She support's that by saying, ''Tortoises don't eat meat, they eat lettuce.'' That's all I read, I hoped you enjoyed my writing piece. By, HAWK..aka mason.




Today I read nerds book 1. Nerds is a secret spy agency for kids olny how use things like allergy as wepons. zack goes to try and save the other nerds after they get captured by the mad man Dr.jigsaw. unfortuantly once he saves them one turns out to be evil. I hope that Dr.jigsaw and the trader.

Mariko loves Christmas!!!

What does NERDS even stand for, Will-I-Am? I was never able to figure that out... :(


Tonight I finished the book Hunger Games. It's about a girl named Katniss Everdeen, and she lives in district 12, and so on the day of the reaping her sister Prim is chosen to be one of the tributes for the hunger game. But after Prim's name is called Katniss stands up and voluntteers to be tribute. Also the boy tribute is Peeta, a boy who secretly reveals later that he likes Katniss. The two are transported to the Captitol where they must all fight to the death while being shown on t.v, and only one person can be the victor of the hunger games. There they discover the other tributes some who have trained all thier lives for this very one day to survive and win the hunger games. Katniss must also try to conceal her one thing she excels at archery... But also Peeta does not want to kill anybody, but to the others except Katniss, and Rue dieing means losing, and living mean winning. This is what I read tonight.

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