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August 29, 2010



Today was great!!!!!!!!!!!


i was like awww! but actually, it was awesome!!!

Celeste :P

say i if ur in mr regalas class n say shoe if ur in mrs rogers

It is so hard in middle school i havent gotten hmwk but its hard say ii if ur going to tillicum
mr regala im going to go to ur classroom on thursday to return 2 books if ur not busy

Mr. Regala

Hi Celeste! I heard you were back in town! Middle school may seem hard, but as you get into the routine of things, it will get easier...hang in there! If I'm not in the classroom, just give them to Ms. Rogers, I may be out running...enjoy the week!


A baby camel-Mommy "why do we have big eyes"?
Mommy-" so that we could see when it gets dusty.
Baby camel-" why do we have long legs"?
Mommy- " so that we can walk in the sand dunes".
Baby camel-"why do we have humps"?
Mommy- " we store fat in the humps and we can survive without food and water for long periods"
Baby camel- " with all those great features why are we in the Zoo???


heyy and noooo

Mr. Regala

Hi Tina...

Mr. Regala

Hi Anushka,

I love the story about the Camel!

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