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June 26, 2010



I don'tlike my picture


we won the game we won the game♫ ♫ ♫ !!!!

Thunderbird/Fernando/gummybear lover

Get ready for next year staff ~`

Mr. Regala

Bring it Fernando! :)


Ya mr.regala were brining it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr. Regala

LOL...yes...please bring it... :)

Are you in Oregon? How's the weather??

Thunderbird/Fernando/gummybear lover

yeah bring it on Mr. Regala and we will bring it


YAY!!! I just saw eclipse! it was awsome!!! Im going to idaho!!!!

Thunderbird/Fernando/gummybear lover

Mr.Regala are you done with the the how to survive the G5 movie ?

Mr. Regala

Hi Fernando,

Yes, I'm done with the movie but it's way too long to put on the web. How's your summer going?? Have you been keeping busy? Have you been playing basketball?? I hope all is well with you!

Thunderbird/Fernando/gummybear lover

I have been playing basketball and I'm frusterated that Mexeco got aliminated from the Fifa 2010 worled cup. So ya I have been having a okey summer in fact I have doing alot of new things.

Thunderbird/Fernando/gummybear lover

Happy 4th of July

Anthony Alvarez

Mr.Regala so your are not putting how to surrvive in g5 on the web?


Mr.Regala, what year was it when I came into 5th grade? was 08?

Mr. Regala

Hi Teresa...yes you came to the G5 in 2008-09

Mr. Regala

Sorry Anthony...I can't put it on the web because it's too large. It wont let me upload...


we are wining this year

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