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October 16, 2009



OMG!!!! Its Dunken in da pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You spelled Duncan wrong

Anthony Chavtelski to mr regala

how come no camp moran
what happend

Mr. Regala

Hi Anthony,

Yup, no Camp Moran. The state did not have enough money to fund the Environmental Learning Center at Camp Moran so the camp had to shut down. The State Park is still open, just not the camp. I know, we are pretty bummed out about it. I didn't get a chance to say goodbye to Big Bertha...sigh...

How are things with you?? I hope thing are good with you and your mom...

Anthony Chavtelski to mr regala

School is very chalanging, I have tons of homework like evryday
i have to type up atleast one paper evrynight. I can now talk in German
pretty well. Next year is going to be harder because I will have phisiscs.
Evrything is pretty good exept the school went way to far for suspending me
for 1 day beacuse I sneezed on my friend on accident and he punched me
. My mom was very mad at the school becaus they even said that even though it's an accident you are still suspended. other than that it's all perfect


hahahahahahah!!! Theres no camp moran!!! That sucks theres no Camp Moran!!!


Whats up Duncan!!

Celeste AKA DOUG

whats up silvia!




Hi Celeste!!! i remember you!!! and Fatima what are you laughing about?????

Mr. Regala

Hi Anthony C.

WOw...you got suspended! I'm sure you won't be sneezing on someone again. With the swine flu going around, I'm sure people are being more cautious. My daughter got the swine flu a few weeks ago and we all got it in my family. It wasn't too bad...

I know school can be challenging, but you're tough...you can hack it!! My old Sergeant Major used to say:

"Hard times don't last, hard men do..."

Geez...how many languages do you speak now??

Drive on!


My dad got swine flu couple of days ago! He gad to be hospitalalized but hes ok now!


Omg.Fatima stop scaring me!!


I had a cold this whole weekend. NOt the best thing ever! I can tell u that! Ha ha ha ha! I GOT JUSTIN BEIBERS PHONE # CANT WAIT 2 USE IT AHHH!!!!!


swine flu?


They just 'say' that its the swine flu when its actually just a cold or normal flu

Fatima needs help!

Buit it really was the swine flu!


For ur dad ya probably IDK bout the oder ppl!


Hey ppl I have nothin 2 dooo!!!! :(

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