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December 18, 2008



Hi Mr.Regala!
Yesterday at my nieghborhod,there was a lot of snow! It was almost like 6 to 7 inches of snow! There was so much snow that my dad have to shove all the snow at the driveway! One of my nieghbor's car didn't work so my nieghbor and his friend have the push the car to his house!Still, it was soooooo fun!


hi mr regala
Anna and me went sleding down a big sand feild and had snow in our faces

Mr. Regala

WOW! Sounds like you're all having fun in the snow...


Hi Mr.Regla,
Do you think we still have the Chirstmas Party at school because I heard on the news that there's going to be a snow storm on Sunday.


nice hit. i feel sory for the bseball.!


hi mr.regala we got alot of snow we play with my family it so fun did you got alot of snow did you play in the snow bye mr.regala see you later!!!!!!!!!!!


are schools oopen on monday??


during the snow days me and my brother Carlos have been going down to Odle and we went sleding!!!!!!!!!


i have been sledding and throwing snowbals at my cousin.I have another cousin named Tim.:)

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