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February 03, 2007



I can't wait for it. I hope it will do it good. And Mr.Regala are we going to practise like practise and practice. Then go home? Is it like that?

Mr. Regala

Hi Basak,

We will practice at school everyday!


I can`t wait until we porforim for the opra. But i can`t stop smiling. i am really nerviso to do the opra.

Mr. Regala

Hi Belen,

I'm so excited to see you all perform in the opera! You've all been working very hard to make the show successful! You'll all do great!


Today was the first performance of the Opera. I was so nervous.......... atleast we got through it. That was something!!!!!!!!!!! : )

Daniel Herrera (Bunny)

I know we got through it , also everybody who is commenting i will comment on there comments.

Daniel Herrera (Bunny)

hello my alter ego is Bunny...... GOODBYE!!!!!


In the opera it was not so fun so I relly did not like it. In it we were runing around the the help place.And in the place we were at it was so hard to do and more stuff.And in the play I was about to fall.so thats why I hate the opera in many ways but one thing it was good persons there.


On opora im in orc estra I made the storm a lot of fun thing today are the last day but my tacher name are tom i have fun


I think that the oprea is really fun but the only thing i don`t like abot the oprea is that everyday we had to rehears. But i will always remember that once i did a oprea!!!!!!!! But i really like the oprea. But the good thing is that i am going to come this afternoon. See you later. bey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The opara was really fun to do and to practic but not fun for the parents.

Marco A.K.A hammer man

that was so scary and cool i got to be a beast but i didnt like that we didnt wear costumes

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