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February 16, 2006



I like the hole thing about the project we did thanky


Hello,I will tell you about the stimulus and response.Stimulus is the trigger to response.Response is what you do because the stimulus makes you.Example:Someone punched someone in the stomach and they punched them back.The first punch was the trigger that made the response.The response was them punching back.


Stimulus is what starts a responce. Response is something you do when stimulus happens. For example I take something from my sister that is the stimulus then my sister screams that is the responce.


Simpulus means to me that reaflex like in soccer like when you kick a soccer ball. Or you smell good or bad stuff.and a response is when like push some one and the other person hits you or do nothing.


I think stimulusis triger and respons is triger alos.


Well Response means when theres a signal showing that you have to do something as today when we did science we had a response saying that you have to move your hand before you get smashed uo by the cup so your brain is telling you what to do. Stimulus means when someone is going to do something and that causes Responses. Example: When we were doing science our partners were supost to make the cup fall on your hands but the response is "move your hand " . and thats what Stimulus and response mean.


Stimulus to me means that you need stimulus to help you do reflexes like in football. You see the ball snap then you tackel the guy with the football, in basketball you see the referee throw the ball up in the air then you jump and grab the ball.


Hi Mr.Reagla!
Response mens when that the brain is telling you what to do.Stimulus mens the ather person do something to you.Like this,One person gets a egg and pots it onthe ather person she gets mad so she chases the ather person.That is a Response and Stimulus.


The two terms for stimulus and response is movment and action.

Hi World,
This is Vyas.As you all know I am the amazing kid scientist in Stevenson,Room 4 and with amazing counterpart, Billy,we learn't today from the amazing teacher scientist about Stimulus and Response. Stimulus is the "Trigger" and the Response is the response.
Example: If I touched a glass with cold water I would feel cold and that would be the "Trigger". The response would be that I would pull my hand out immediaatly.


I have not finesh the book of DOOM!!!! it really scary you shut read it wan you read the book you will see how scarythe book is.


A stimulus is when you have reactions, A example is when you have to move yourhand out of the way. A response is a singnel.A exampele is scared


A stimulus is when you have reactions,A example is when you move your hand out of the when something is going to slap your hand. A respond is a single. A example is scared.


Stimulus means that you do something to someone.Response means that the brain is telling you to move out the way.


Stimulus means when some one like hit's you in the head.

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