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February 10, 2006



I read alot of starwars and chapter book's.And Non/Fiction and Realistic book's.And war book's and Dinosaur book's.And death book's.


Yes I have read a great book and I will recommended when I'm finsh the book for the class. The book I'm reading is called space that is a new book about the magic tree house and it talk about the solar system.


Latlee ive read Dadylonglegs its abawoot Dadeelonglegs one theenig I like abawoot it is it tolid me that Dadylonglegs ornt spdrs but thay or iracnids.


The book that i am reading is called just wakkey.I like it because it is funny and it has gross stuff, i mite tel mr . Regala sooner or later .It is a lealy great book!


I've lately been reading Deltora Quest.I'm on book three .It is sooo good.So far I've got to where Jasmine,Barda and Lief have gone to Noradz (Noradz is some wacked out holy place). And Jasmine feeds Filli food (Filli is a little furry creature).And the Rachars(th Rachars are like holy god guys) say that Filli is disgrace and that Filli is evil. And thay try to kill Filli. (That was a long chapter).


Rite know I am reading Narnia # 2.I am on page 100 on chapter 9 it is about when the beavers showing the kids the way to the white witches house and the beavers were able to talk and when he got to the white witche house alone a wolf start chasing him tell the kid talked to the wolf the wolf stoped chasing him and said " why are you in the white withes house the boy riplied to the wolf and said " I need to se the white witch and the wolf showed the boy the way to the white witch.


Yes I have read a really great book and I would recomomend that book because it's a very fun book and it is a mystery it is Marykate and Ashley as all the series are great !


The book that im reading is Family Poems. It is about lots of weird poems. Like Ode the goldfish on the poem said O Wet Pet!


Dear World in the past couple of weeks I have been reading a book called "The Barn".It is a great book by the author Avi.I am only 2 pages away from finishing the book.One thing is that Ben's dad died while building a barn. The characters are Tom Buckman,Ben,Nettie and Harret.

That is what I have been reading.

Bye World,


Right now I am reading Charlie and the chocolate factory I like the book and chose to read it because I saw the movie and maybe the book was longer? My favorite part is when the fat guy got sucked in the pipe. I would recommend it by saying I saw the movie.


I like goosbumps because the night of the living dummy is scary and it's about that there dad has coletion of dummys qand the kid's like them but at night the dummy Slappy wakes up and at night he dous bad stuff at night. I recomend that book because it is intresting and cool and theres also 3 books of the night off the livig dummy.and I recomened it to the whole class to read goosbumps.

The rainbow rabit

It is about a rabit. How found 3 pots of pain and get's in them. The colors are red and blue and yellow.He makes difrent colors.


I have ben reading fighting book's and war and death and killing.And scary book's and prank book's.


I have read a book called "The mystery of the lake-ness monster." My favorite part is when the kids hear Haley screaming.But she's fine in about 5 minutes.


I read NBA superstar . I like it because I love the NBA.


Yes I have reid a book latlee its kold The Zack Fls Numbir 18 The boy hoo kride big foot.And I like it becais it has a unachrul creechr.


Hi, Mr.Regala,I have read a really really good book and the tittle is"The Series Of Unfortunate Events book #1 The Bad Beigenning."My favorite part was when the three orphans are happy because they already lost their parents.


I read a book called Junie B. Jones almost a flower girl.It is a good book. You should read it some time.


I am starting Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire.The thing I like about the book is that the story starts freaky.

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