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January 19, 2006



Dear World I Vyas the famous kid scientist in school,in Mr.Regala's class,in science I have been researching and looking with my partner Nancy the newest scientist my learner at the amazing "Owl Pellet".The amazing owl pellet has sometimes bones of a rodent.Me and Nancy found the bones of a field mouse.Some bones like the femur and shoulder and the leg bones are alike.But the skull has the eye sockets and nostrils but the skull is smaller (way smaller) so that is why the rodents skull is different from the human skull.

Bye World,


Well My Suggestion to the question Is that the the skull Is diffrent and Humans have no claws and all of there bones are tiny so smaller than ours If you smell the bones they really smelly and the size of the bones Is small and If you take It out of the owl pellet It has fur In the bones and sometimes In the skull the eye sockets have fur so the bones have full of fur and then bones come from owl pellets and owl pellets Is made out of fur so the bones gets fur.The leg bones are the same as humans when we opened the owl pellet the leg bone looks the same as ours.


I think that the rodent's rib cage is like the humans.But the rodent's skull is nothing like the humans skull.


The rodents' bone that is simulair to a human bone is the femur bone;because it is also part of the leg.The bone that is different from a human bone is the tail bone;even though humans have a tail bone,this one stretches out really far.That is how they are different and the same.


About the owll pellit it was fun and I found a tail and it was cool and it was fun.


Hi my name is jason and about the rodenent the head was small as a finger, and the claw was really sharp!


The owl pelits are very difrent frome humans at least the bone port lt and the sise if we were as big as rodents weed be ten inchis tol at the moste.


About the owll pellit it was fun and I found a tail and it was cool and it was fun.


Well they are different because they have smeller skull than humans.


I think the leg bone is the same as humen leg bone because I looked at the poster of the scaliton where the leg was and I looked at the leg bone of the rodent and it looked the same!one thing it is not the same is the claw because we don't have claws we have fingers!


The similar bones are the skeletons head, arms, legs, and ribs.The different bones are the size of the animal body parts and because of that a human is not a animal and a animal is not a human.


I think the similar bones of the skeleton of the rodent in the owl pellet is the leg bone (known as the femar bone)because to me it looks the same as our leg bone(known as the femar bone)exept it is just a little smaller.I think the diffrent bone of the rodents skeleton is the skull because it has a beakish looking thing in the front of it.




The femur is simular to a human bone because you need it to walk, also it is one of the leg bones. The difference of a rodant skull is the skull is to small, and the teeth are to sharp.


The diffrence beetween the human jaws the rodents jaws is that the rodents jaws are bigger


The difference between animal and human are that animals have bones that we don't have.Here is the bone I thougt was different claw


I think the owl pellet are diffrent shap


It is differenet like the skull is small compairing to hummas.And a owl throws up a owl pellet and we don't.We have legs bones and so does owl and we have amr bones and so owl.


It is different like the skull is small compairing to hummes.And a owl throws up a owl pellet and hummes don't.Hummes have a skull and so do owls.And we have leg bons and so do owls.

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